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I am Down with the Sickness

Here's something I've already learned about blogging: I'm not very consistent about it. You may have noticed.

Part of the reason is that I am currently losing a battle with a summer cold which has stolen most of my sleep, my oxygen, and my hearing. It is disgusting, but mostly just inconvenient. "I had big plans!" said the master procrastinator. My "To Do" list goes as follows:

1) Organize and clean refrigerator and pantry

2) Get MealBoard set up and running

3) Start budgeting again

4) Write a blog post

5) Go grocery shopping

#1-3 stem from my general feeling of disorganization, which gets worse the closer I get to the end of the summer. We're all busy doing things outside and with friends, things we've waited months and months to do because winter is for hermiting. All of these things require me to be inside, and since it's sort of a crap day weather-wise, and this miserable cold makes me want to stay inside anyway, I could theoretically do these things. I guess we'll see how the rest of the afternoon goes.

#5 is probably not going to get done, because if I can find an excuse to avoid the grocery store, I grab it with both hands and hang on for dear life. I'm not even sure why I dislike the grocery store so much. It might be that standing in the dairy section in the summertime feels like standing in the frigid wasteland of Antarctica with plenty of cheese to eat. It might be that I discover they no longer carry an item I love EVERY SINGLE TIME I GO THERE. Maybe it's the summer tourists in the Windham area, who drive their shopping carts like they drive their cars, which is to say (as nicely as possible) poorly.

Here I am completing #4! I like making lists so I can check things off of them. Sometimes I add things to the list that I already did, just so I can cross it off and make it seem like I've accomplished more. The after-the-fact adds are always real things though...for instance, I don't add "Get out of bed" or "Drink some coffee" to the list, because I do have limits.

One of my lists is a list of things that I intend to write blog posts about. They include character development, avoiding cliches, dialogue, books and authors and movies I love, common things I see new authors do. You may notice this post is about none of those things. This is a rogue post! It is a stream-of-consciousness avoidance of other activities. It is a marginally successful distraction from my fluid-filled sinuses and mouth-breathing.

Maybe none of this matters because no one will ever read this. Maybe you, dear reader, don't exist. Either way, I will publish this post like a good little blogger, cross "Write a blog post" off my "To Do" list, add "Go to the gym" to my list and then cross it off because I already did that today, and then I will go do some actual work for which I am paid (and which will help me avoid the other items on my list).

Overall, I'm marking today as a win. Stay tuned for next week's blog post, whatever it may be!

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